What is cPanel

cPanel, is your control panel, it's the back end that makes your website, emails, databases, spam control, security work and delivers metrics for your website. Some of the many features include:

  • Email: Within cPanel you can create new email accounts, implement and adjust spam contol, modify your existing accounts, modify your MX records, change email passwords, and set up mail box quotas.
  • Domains: Under the domains section of cPanel, you can configure new domains to your account, set up parked domains, create subdomains, setup redirects.
  • File Management: In the files section of cPanel, you can backup your cpanel account, access/modify files stored in your account, review your disk usage, and create/manage FTP accounts
  • Databases: You can create new databases, set up remote access to MySQL, access the databases using phpMyAdmin.
  • Metrics: You can view your latest visitors, track who is visiting your website and when, view how long is spent on each page and track the number of hits.
  • Security: Here you can manage your security certificates, protect your hot links and your images.

cPanel is very user friendly and is quite robust. There's numerous tools within cPanel to handle a wide variety of tasks. It contains a full help menu that is easy to use.  You can also consult the cPanel user guide or our knowledge base.

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